Order of the Emperor @Café de trap af


Order of the Emperor @Café de trap af

Order of the Emperor comes straight out of the smoggy harbor of Rotterdam.
The band is influenced by the mighty Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy. They play straight forward grooving hard rock riffs with classical twin solos and melodic raw vocals brought with the fierce power of the ancient sledge hammer.
For the last two years the band played in lots of places in Holland with bands like Elle Bandita, Dool, He is Legend, Angel Witch, Death Alley, Transport League and the Wolff. They’ve played on festivals like Baroeg Open Air, Liberty day Zuid-Holland, Wallenpop and Eendrachtfestival and they’ve played in venues like Rotown, Kavka, Little Devil & de Pit. They’ve won the first price and the audience price of the “SENA Grote prijs van Rotterdam”.
Order of the Emperor has recorded their first full length album with studio producer JB van der Wal known from Aborted & Herder. This album is released October 1th 2016 on a sold out light vessel in the port of Rotterdam.


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