Sienna Skies & support acts @Gooth


Sienna Skies & support acts @Gooth

Bruut geweld vanuit Australie met bikkelhard support vanuit Engeland, Belgie en ons eigen kleine landje Nederland.
Het is nu alweer een poosje geleden dat in De Gooth bands met zoveel power hebben gestaan.
Dus wij vonden het wel weer is tijd worden voor een lekker avondje beuken!!!

Sienna Skies:
Sienna Skies are a 5-piece Experimental/Post Hardcore band from Sydney, Australia. The band has built a dedicated fan base through constantly touring their intense and high energy show across the world with bands such as Silverstein, Thy Art is Murder, The Amity Affliction, Story of The Year, Like Moths To Flames and many others. The band takes hard hitting breakdowns and combines them with sing along chorus’. With a new album due out late 2016 Sienna Skies are determined to share their powerful positive message to the world through both their live show and the music they have poured their heart and soul into for years.


High Hopes:

A group of highly talented individuals who each bring refreshing and captivating ideas to the table, HIGH HOPES are a force to be reckoned with and Sights & Sounds is a testament to their exciting musicianship. From the crushing breakdowns and ferocious vocal tones that will shatter your brain, to the carefully crafted melodies that weave their way through the tracks, you’ll need to fasten your seatbelts as this hard-hitting full-length takes you on a whirlwind journey.






WRECKAGE is a loud music band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. Their heavy but also melodic music is ideal for fans of Counterparts, Defeater, Stick to your Guns, Architects, While She Sleeps etc. They released their 2-track EP ‘Lost in Confusion’ on the 8th of September of 2015. On the 11th of February they released their second EP (Split w/ Dock 83) ‘Silently, I will collapse’. With already several weekender tours in the pocket, positive reviews they’re a promising band for the future.

Entree € 4,-
Members € 2 –


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