Stealers + Jacklust + Call the Riot @Café de Trap af


Stealers + Jacklust + Call the Riot
@Café de Trap af



From classic rock magazine december 2013:
Imagine Chuck Berry on ’ a weekend-long crime spree with AC/DC driving the getaway car. That’s the kind of super sleaze these Rotterdam widow makers peddle.

This might be the most percussive rock record I’ve heard in years.
Every riff sounds like a skull slamming into a wall.
Does rock’n’roll still need a “most dangerous band”? If so. l think I found ‘em.



Mixing trashy riffs with punk, sleaze, booze, and lots and lots of backing vocals, that’s what the punks from Jacklust do best.

The band Jacklust was formed in Rotterdam, somewhere in late 2011 and consists of guitarist Tizzy Wyre, 22, El Barto Loco, 21 on the drums, bass player Morrison, 18, and Yellow, 23, on the main vocals.


Call The Riot

Call the Riot is a Hard rock band from the Netherlands.

The band started out as a group of strangers with just one goal: Making music. Because of this passion they shared they became a close group of friends. It didn’t took long before the first songs were written.


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